Windows VPS and Linux VPS Compared

It is very important to use the right hosting platform. Since the competition between Linux and Windows follows fierce, a comparison between these two platforms worth reading. In order to narrow down the comparison between the two types of hosting, you can consider fragmenting them into four categories such as price, support, security and performance of the hosting.

Nowadays, VPS hosting is in demand and choosing the right operating system to use is crucial to optimize its performance. After all, it is always comfortable to make use of an OS that you already have knowledge will make sure more safety and ease the operation. Typically, the Linux VPS hosting always ends up in front of the Windows in all aspects.

When it comes to choosing a VPS hosting service, whether it be Linux or Windows,  the computing language and the technologies used in your website will become the biggest deciding factor. When it comes to Linux VPS hosting, the system is developed using Apache Server and has facilities to run scripts in PHP, Perl, CGI and JSP and database support for MySql and PostgreSQL.

One of the advantages of using Linux VPS hosting is that that offer all the required tools that are needed to put your website online. Most of these tools are easier to manage. On the other hand webmaster who require specific requirements such as run MS applications and using computing languages such as ASP and language or use databases, MS SQL and MS Access (ODBC) have to choose Windows VPS hosting.

Another matter to consider while comparing Windows and Linux VPS hosting is the price of the hosting solution. Generally, the cost to hire a Windows VPS system is higher due to the cost of licensing and application server. This is because of the fact that most of these applications require more attention and management resources. In this sense Linux servers are less complex and more economic.

Currently, for a small business website Linux VPS hosting can offer more reliabile than Windows VPS. One of the serious problems with Windows VPS is that it does not offer 100% uptime. On the other hand, Linux is all the time up and the user will never have problems in managing it. Though the Linux system uses open source code, it is easy to modify the software and programs depending upon the requirements of the user.

As explained before, Linux is not only cheaper, but also is a good option for webmasters who want to enjoy all the facilities of a Windows VPS but cannot afford it just because of the price. Linux VPS offers exactly what you pay for it in terms of efficiency and offers high quality support depending upon the company you choose.

In order to conclude, before you choose an option you have to conduct your own research and compare your website requirements before choosing a Windows or Linux VPS hosting. Both are great choices, your choice should depend on your needs.