Overview of VPS container management options

A VPS has to offer a great advantage to the people who cannot afford to get a hosting on a dedicated server and they can’t use a shared hosting as well. The VPS lays between the both as it is more economical than dedicated servers and can deliver a lot better services than the shared hosting. The virtualization market continues to expand at a faster rate because of the advantages it has to offer to the users. The Virtual Private Server can be purchased from any provider available in the market who deals in web hosting and it can be used for hosting sites instead of using an actual physical storage site.

VPS has provided a great help to the website owners through reducing the costs and offering higher level of features. The VPS market has expanded a lot and the VPS is available under different types. One of the most popular types is the container based virtualization.

Container Based Virtualization

It lets the multiple instances run on the same computer where each one of these are isolated from one another and shares minimal resources. The operating systems of the host machine and the guests have to be the same in this type of virtualization. It creates a securer and isolated environment through starting the kernel of the OS. These days there are numbers of companies that are offering VPS container management options. Three of the major options for the virtualization are as discussed below:


Xen is one of the most popular and preferred options available for virtualization that allows to execute multiple computer operating systems concurrently on the same hardware. It is considered as the most secured and fastest infrastructure virtualization solution that supports variety of guest OS including Solaris, Linux, Windows etc. Some of the Key Features of Xen are:

  • Full tolerance capabilities
  • Enterprise-grade functionalities
  • Cost cutting and cloud computing
  • Offline accessibility
  • Performance and scalability
  • HD system image support
  • Change on the fly
  • Supports large systems


The OpenVZ is another popular VPS container management option that can provide a good return to the companies on their investment for web hosting as it lets the hosts to place as many servers as they need without any allocations. It has a completely different architecture from the traditional virtual machines as it runs the same operating system kernel as the host system. Some of the key features of OpenVZ are:

  • OS level virtualization
  • On the fly upgrades
  • Easy and simple disk and network setup
  • Full root access
  • Offers a light weight virtualization, which means the availability of more resources
  • When nodes are underused, Burst RAM and other extra resources will stay available


Virtuozzo VPS container management is another reliable and popular OS virtualization solution that can offer a higher degree of isolation and live partitioning. It can offer a convenient help to maximize the investment in server hardware through providing some impressive features that are:

  • Capable enough to deliver profitable cloud services
  • On the fly virtual environment modifications
  • Can provide comprehensive integration capabilities for third party systems
  • Convenient and flexible management options
  • Advanced resource management
  • Operating system centralization
  • Dynamic library sharing
  • Cross CPU workload sharing
  • Live migration
  • Reduced maintenance costs