Why to use VPS hosting for E-commerce websites

Virtual private server (VPS)   is a completely independent segment of a hosting server with its own resources. This method, which relies on the virtual computing, divides a physical server into a multitude of independent virtual servers from the other. Each virtual dedicated server operates with its own operating system, its own software, applications and functions. If any one of these system fails, it will not practically affect others and the website will continue to operate normally. VPS hosting is the perfect solution for E-commerce websites, whose growth exceeds the capacity of the shared server but are not yet ready to establish a typical dedicated server. This solution allows to combine the advantages of dedicated server and shared server: autonomy, performance and security at an affordable price. Therefore, it is considered as the best astute hosting for developer mode.

In this sense, VPS hosting for E-commerce websites can address all the potential problems of web hosting. One of the highlights of this technology is that it is the perfect solution between the shared server and the classical dedicated server. Other advantages are as follows:

  1. Administrative autonomy
    Since the VPS hosting companies provide access to the panel/Kernel (the root), the virtual dedicated server offers the same level of autonomy as the classical dedicated server. You can install your own applications and services and configure them as you wish.
  2. Performance
    One of the disadvantages of shared hosing service is that it is completely dependent on traffic and the activities of other shared hosting. This is not the case with the virtual dedicated server. You have your own resources and you are completely isolated from other servers.
  3. Security
    VPS hosting has all the security setup for the host server. Your file system is private, completely secure and inaccessible to other customers, regardless of their rights on the server.

VPS hosting for E-commerce website is the only  alternative available between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. The dedicated hosting avoided the problems of hosting by allowing a Web site to be stored on a single dedicated server. However, this method has always been more expensive for small and medium business sites.

However, VPS hosting can be the best option for E-commerce sites, there are three things that you should look for, when it comes to choosing a hosting company. The first thing to consider is the root access (access to the kernel/Panel). One of the reasons to buy a VPS server is to take advantage of the ability to install software and applications developed for your website. Some companies deny this amazing option to make more profit for them.

Secondly, you must verify if a Web host offers quality server management tools that are easy to use and interpret. A virtual private server as a dedicated server requires more management than a shared hosting account. Without quality management tools, you might encounter problems.

Finally, you must consider the number of domains that the hosting company allows to host on a single account. If the number seems low, you should probably look elsewhere for a better deal.