Critical: how to fix Shellshock vulnerability

This is bigger than Heartbleed, and could take years to get majority of the servers updated throughout the world.

If you are a sysadmin, it would not take more than a minute to find out if your system suffers from ShellShock.

on Bash prompt, type following command and hit enter:

# env VAR='() { :;}; echo This is bad!!' bash -c "echo Just a Test"


If the result includes the string

This is bad!!


it means your system is vulnerable.

If so, update bash by running one of the following commands:


#sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade bash

#sudo yum update bash


Our customers can rest assured that we have patched all our servers, and we do not have any server suffering from this vulnerability anymore.

All the best and keep your systems secure!!